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Why Partner With Us?

We’re experts at gathering and interpreting candid customer and employee feedback and providing you with insightful recommendations to improve your organization.

The end result is a management team that is better equipped to make informed decisions that impact your bottom line.

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Whether you are looking to improve customer service delivery, enhance sales effectiveness or evaluate your marketing strategy and competitive positioning, you need an experienced partner to develop your customer and employee satisfaction programs.

Real Results

When you’re successful, we’re successful. And our track record is pretty darn good! By delivering memorable customer experiences, our clients drive more referrals, retain more customers and expand existing relationships – all faster than their competitors. And with our detailed customer and employee metrics and objective recommendations, you’ll be armed with authenticated, third party data critical for making informed business decisions.

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Dedicated Partner

The burden of capturing, analyzing and interpreting customer and employee feedback can oftentimes deplete internal resources. You can feel confident knowing your programs are handled by professionals who understand all aspects of feedback programs and will ensure they won’t stall in the face of changing priorities. As your voice of the customer champion, we guarantee your programs will get the focus and attention required to be successful.

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Objective Analysis

The anonymity offered when using a third party to gather feedback results in more candid and constructive input from your customers, employees, and prospects. As an objective advisor, we are able to analyze and interpret that feedback without bias. Finally, outsourcing to a respected, third-party agent ensures the data and recommendations will be viewed as objective and reliable – whether by your executives, Board of Directors or shareholders.

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Actionable Insight

We work hard to isolate trends and identify recurring themes specific to your business. Importantly, we strive to translate your customer and employee insights into action and ensure they’re delivered to those in the best position to affect change. Whether it’s enhancing the delivery process, training staff, refining your service offering or eliminating frustrations weighing on customer loyalty, we will guide your resource allocation decisions to achieve the greatest impact.

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Extensive Expertise

You can count on us. Your company will benefit from our unique approach, which leverages best practices and avoids common pitfalls. We have assembled a well-rounded team to provide guidance in every stage of your feedback programs. Plus, our strategic partnerships, attendance at industry conferences and authorship of relevant content means you will experience our deep commitment to the field of customer and employee research.

Instant Access

B2B and B2C Focus

We specialize in helping both B2B and B2C organizations capitalize on the wealth of knowledge that comes from customer and employee feedback. Our feedback programs are tailored to meet your unique needs and provide assurance that both customer and employee voices are being heard and key stakeholders are kept informed. Also, our repository of anonymous data means your company will receive benchmarking to put your success into context.

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“Satrix Solutions offers an invaluable service that allows you to truly understand how your clients feel about your company, staff and the services you provide.
Clients should always be at the center of your organization, and Satrix Solutions puts them there.”

Matthew Pittinsky PH.D.
CEO, Parchment

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